Posted here are various UPenn athletic photos.  We will continue to update this page throughout the year....

1892 University of Pennsylvania Football Team

Class of 1893 Medical School UPenn Football Team

1893 UPENN Crew members

1893 UPENN Baseball players

1893 UPENN Bicycle team (Osgood far left)

1894 University of Pennsylvania Football Team

UPennA Class of 1895 (Freshman team)

1894 UPENN Cross Country Club

1894-95 UPENN Track team (Osgood front left)

Will C. Bryan (coach)

George M. Coates (captain)

Walter Douglas

Henry Flannery Jr.

Charles S. Gelbert

George H. Gosman Jr.

George W. Orton (1900 Olympic Gold Medal winner)

George O. Jarvis

Charles Hollister Judd

George H. Perkins

C. Clarence Sichel

Walter B. Warren

John Auburn Wiborn

1895 crew team

1895 crew Team (street clothes)

Harry Off and William Farrar

Harry Off (tackle 1893-95)

Fred Ellsler (circa 1893)

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