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Welcome to our virtual museum dedicated to the University of Pennsylvania football teams from 1894-98.  During this period the Quakers went 67-2, outscoring their opponents 2,033 to 120.  They had three undefeated seasons (1894, 1895 and 1897) and two one loss seasons (1896 and 1898).  There were eighteen Walter Camp All-American selections during this five year period with eight eventually enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame.  

Here you will find biographies of the star players along with unique memorabilia and photographs, many once belonging to the athletes themselves.  An emphasis is placed on two particular players, Winchester Osgood and Charles Gelbert.  This site is regularly updated as new information is discovered.  Everything in our archive will be donated to the University of Pennsylvania.  A special thanks to Linda Mesinar, George Coates, James Gelbert and Tim Horning.  Without their support and advice this site wouldn't be possible. 

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Last update - November 21, 2022 :  Added a new biography.

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