Pennsylvania Wins!

The Pennsylvanian (Special Edition) November 28, 1895

1895 Cornell vs Pennsylvania Football Program

Pennsylvania closed the foot-ball season this afternoon by defeating Cornell in an exciting game and for the second time in our history we are able to look back upon an unbroken series of victories. The game was well contested throughout. Cornell came to Philadelphia, having trained most carefully for the contest and with high hopes of victory, while Pennsylvania’s team, stung by their poor exhibition against Harvard, went upon the field with a firm determination to retrieve themselves, and well they have succeeded.

The crowd which witnessed the game was the largest that ever assembled on Franklin Field. As early as 12 o’clock the people began to come in, and from that until after 2 o’clock a steady stream poured into the field.

The fine weather brought nearly every one out to witness Penn’s last battle on the gridiron for1895 and everywhere could be seen red and blue flags, red and blue ribbon, red and blue dresses, and red and blue flowers. Cornell, too, was well represented. She sent a large crowd on to cheer her team and they came with lots of red and white and plenty of enthusiasm.

1895 University of Pennsylvania Football Team

The enthusiasm displayed by both sides was one of the notable features of the contest. The cheering lasted from the beginning to end of the contest, and intermingled with the cheers were college songs and the “ Pennsyl-Penusyl-Pennsylvania ” resounding loud above all.

The story of the game in detail, as received by the Pennsylvanian by special dispatches from the field is as follows;

1.50 P. M.—Both stands are rapidly filling up, and the management reports that hardly a seat has been left Unsold, and that 3000 admission tickets have already been disposed of. The field, which is in a very muddy and slippery condition, is being greatly improved by the efforts of the ground men who are sprinkling sawdust over the worst places. It is generally thought that this condition of the field will be an advantage to Pennsylvania, as she has the heavier team.

2.08 P. M.—The Pennsylvania stand is quite full, and only a few seats are left in the Cornell stand. There is a great deal of cheering and singing from both sides of the field.

1895 Cornell Football Team

2.10 P. M.—Penn’s team comes on the field amidst terrific cheers. Cornell soon follows, and is also accorded a hearty welcome.

2.16 P. M.—Game opens with ball in Cornell’s possession and Penn guarding the west goal. Cornell kicks off and Minds secures the ball. Brooke returns the kick to Cornell’s 45 yard line. Cornell takes a free kick. Brooke returns. Cornell fumbles and Gelbert falls on the ball on Cornell’s 25-yard line. Dickson fumbles and Williams falls on the ball on Cornell’s 10-yard line. Wharton goes through the centre for 3 yards and Brooke for 2. Gelbert fails to advance the ball. Williams signals for the quarter-back kick and the ball goes over the line, where Minds falls on it, scoring first touchdown for Penn. Great cheering from Penn stand. Brooke kicks a difficult goal. Time, 2.21. Score, Penn, 6; Cornell, 0.

Brooke returns the kick-off to Cornell’s 45-yard line. Beacham 5 yards through the center.  Ritchie 3 yards through right tackle.  Cornell gains 6 yards around right end. Ball is brought back for off-side play and given to Penn. Gelbert makes great run of 25 yards around left end, amid great applause. Minds and Brooke advance ball for 12 yards more. Minds carries ball around Cornell’s right end for touchdown. Brooke kicks the goal. Score, Pennsylvania, 12 ; Cornell, 0.

2.34.—Pennsylvania cheering echoes from one end of the field to the other. Cornell kicks off, and Brooke returns the kick-off to Cornell’s 45 yard line. Cornell now starts in to make a number of gains as follows: Beacham 7 yards, Lyle 5 yards, Ritchie 3 yards, through the centre; Beacham for 9 yards, Beacham for 10 yards more, Beacham for 4 more. Penn’s ball on downs. Brooke punts to Cornell’s 40 yard line.

Carl Williams - 1893-95 QB, 1895 Penna captain

Beacham runs 35 yards around Penn’s right end, but was finally downed by Brooke, after having passed the rest of the field. Bull hurt, but soon resumes playing. Taussig makes 3 yards. Wyckoff punts to Brooke, to Pennsylvania’s 20-yard line. Brooke punts to the centre of the field. Williams breaks through, and by a brilliant tackle throws the runner back for a loss. Wyckoff kicks. Brooke makes a magnificent run of 70 yards, dodging every man on Cornell’s team, and is finally downed on Cornell’s 10-yard line. This run does not count, but ball is brought back for holding. Gelbert breaks through and makes a tackle for a loss. Wyckoff kicks to Brooke, who returns to Cornell’s 40-yard line.

Cornell fumbles, and Gelbert falls on the ball. Quarter-back kick is again tried, and Minds once more falls on the ball. Brooke goes through the centre for 7 yards. Pennsylvania fumbles, but Gelbert falls on the ball.

2.55 P. M. —Pennsylvania loses the ball on downs; Wyckoff punts to Brooke, who takes a free kick, and kicks a goal from the field. Score, Pennsylvania, 17; Cornell, 0.

Brooke returns the kick-off to Cornell’s 40-yard line. Cornell makes a good gain around right end, but Pennsylvania secures the ball on downs. A trick was tried which resulted in a loss of 2 yards. Blair makes 3 yards; Minds fumbles and Cornell secures the ball. Cornell unsuccessfully attempts to buck the centre. Cool makes 5 yards around left end and tries it again for no gain, being magnificently tackled by Williams. Ritchie punts to Pennsylvania’s 25-yard line. Brooke punts to centre of the field.

1895 University of Pennsylvania Football Team

Sweetland makes 2 yards through the center. Wyckoff kicks to Brooke on Pennsylvania’s 25-yard line. Blair makes 5 yards around left-end. Brooke punts to Cornell’s 40-yard line, when Dickson downs the Cornell man, who attempts to run by a very pretty tackle. Time called for first half at 3.06 p. m. Score: Pennsylvania, 17; Cornell, 0.

The first half has been distinguished by Brooke’s fine kicking and the strength of Pennsylvania’s line, and by the fine tackling by Dickson, Gelbert and Williams.

For Cornell, Wyckoff played a magnificent game at quarter, and Beacham made many fine runs.

Gelbert has been playing at left end, having taken the place of Boyle who was dropped from college yesterday afternoon by the Academic Council for being back in his work. Blair has been playing left half-back.


3.18 P. M.—Brooke kicks off from east goal. Ritchie gains 10 yards. Cornell starts in again with grim determination to buck Pennsylvania’s centre, but can make no gains.  Wyckoff punts out of bounds, Pennsylvania’s ball on Cornell’s 40 yard line. Minds make a beautiful run of 20 yards around left end. Brooke goes through centre for 10 yards. Blair goes 5 yards around left end.

Wharton and Brooke advance ball and on the next play Dickson goes through left tackle for touchdown. Time, 3.30, Score, Pennsylvania, 23; Cornell, 0.

George Brooke during 1895 Cornell vs Pennsylvania Game

3.33 P. M.—Brooke gains 30 yards, and the kick-off, but Cornell gets the ball for holding. Wykoff kicks to Pennsylvania’s 40 yard line, and Brooke returns the kick. Beacham fumbles, but Cornell secures the ball. Pennsylvania gets the ball on downs, and Gelbert and Minds advanced it 25 yards. Cornell gets ball on a fumble, and Ritchie punts. Brooke fumbles and Cornell gets ball at centre of the field.

Failing to gain, Cornell again punts. Brooke catches ball and on a fake kick Blair makes 10 yards. Cornell is given the ball for holding. Wyckoff kicks to Pennsylvania’s 30-yard line. Minds fumbles and Cornell gets the ball. Playing is now very slow, men being frequently hurt on both sides, though no one is seriously injured.

Ritchie punts to Pennsylvania’s 7-yard line, and Brooke tries to kick from behind the goal line, but fumbles, falls on the ball, and Cornell has scored a safety at 3.45. Score, Pennsylvania 23, Cornell 2.

Brooke kicks off from 20-yard line where Gelbert makes a magnificent tackle. Cornell, failing to gain, punts. Pennsylvania takes a free kick and Cornell secures the ball on her 25yard line. Wyckoff making a pretty run of 25 yards. Wharton is injured but pluckily resumes play.

Alfred E. Bull - 1894-95 Center

3.50 P. M.—Wyckoff kicks, and Brooke and Minds then advance the ball 20 yards. Cool is hurt and forced to withdraw from game. Starbuck takes his place. Gelbert makes another magnificent run of 20 yards. Pennsylvania carries ball over Cornell’s line and then fumbles. Ritchie falls on the ball for a safety. Score, Pennsylvania, 25; Cornell, 2.

Cornell kicks from 25 yard line, and Brooke makes 12 yards. Minds then makes a magnificent run of 40 yards through the whole Cornell team for a touchdown. Brooke kicks goal. The cheering is tremendous. Score, Pennsylvania, 31; Cornell, 2.

3.59 P. M. —Cornell kicks off poorly and Farrar gains 3 yards. Brooke, Dickson and Gelbert, by magnificent running, advance the ball 50 yards.

Woodruff goes through centre for 3 yards and after a couple of intervening plays, Dickson goes 10 yards around the end for a touchdown. Brooke fails to kick goal. Score; Pennsylvania, 35; Cornell, 2.

4.07 P. M.—Cornell makes a fake kick-off. Pennsylvania gets ball and Brooke kicks to Cornell’s 15-yard line. Ritchie is injured and retires, Young taking his place. Pennsylvania’s ball on downs. Two runs by Minds and Pennsylvania scores another touchdown. Brooke kicks goal. Score, Pennsylvania, 41; Cornell, 2.

4.14 P. M.—Brooke returns the kick-off and Cornell makes several good gains through centre. Wyckoff' kicks. Brooke returns to Cornell’s 25-yard line. Starbuck makes 3 yards. Pennsylvania is given the ball for holding.

4.27 P. M.—After a few more plays Brooke kicks a splendid goal from the field just before time is called.

Final score, Pennsylvania 46, Cornell 2.

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